Info for the acceptor mare’s owner

  • Do you own a healthy young mare?
  • Does your mare remains inactive for a long time?
  • Is she gynecological healthy with a normal period?

then using your mare as a acceptor mare could be an interesting opportunity for you!

Fee €1800,-
This is the procedure.

  1. Register your mare as a receiver broodmare in our database of prospective acceptor mares.
  2. Once registered, your mare will be reported to a veterinary clinic of our trust in your area or to one of your choice. The veterinary support is essential to be accurate in monitoring your mare’s ovulation. In order to have synchronized periods with the donor mare, the heat can be induced in your mare.
  3. If your mare ovulates at the right time, an embryo will be taken from the biological mother and will be implanted in your mare. The embryo collection occurs seven or eight days after your mare’s ovulation. You and the owner of the biological mother are asked to get an agreement for the price and the management of the pregnant mare before the embryo implantation’s day.The draagmerriecentrale can provide you guidelines, but could also provide the whole process from flush to implantation.
  4. After 45-50 days of gestation, the broodmare is taken over by the donor mare’s owner, who will take care of it. Henceforth, the donor mare’s owner will be wholly responsible of your mare’s health.
    Before taking charge of your mare, the donor mare’s owner is required to pay the agreed amount for the use of your mare.

You can choose to keep on taking care of your pregnant mare for the whole period. This must be indicated in the registration form and provides a higher remuneration. (We have extra terms for this)

5. After the foal weaning, the donor mare’s owner gives you your mare back. This usually takes place five months after the birth of the foal.

Draagmerriecentrale can manage for you steps 2. 3. and 4.

Sale of your mare

At the draagmerriecentrale  is also possible to sell your mare, just checking the option on the registration form.
In this case, the process is actually the same of the mare rental. The difference is that the acceptor mare can be sold to the donor mare’s owner for a previously agreed amount after 45-50 days of gestation. We have a standard contract for that. However, the intermediation costs are borne by the acceptor mare’s owner.

Acceptor mare Registration

If you are interested in our services, you can register your mare in our database by filling in the registration form below. If you have any further question or doubt, we are at your disposal. Contact us by phone and we’ll be happy to help you. As soon as we receive the application form, you and your mare will be registered in Flevo Horses database, then we will contact you for the following part of the registration process. At the end of the process, you will receive a invoice of 10 euro for notification costs.