Welcome to Draagmerriecentrale (acceptor mare centre)

Draagmerriecentrale is a unique mediation formula between the acceptor mare’s owner and the breeders interested in embryotransfer. This formula can generate a win win situation for both the acceptor mare and the donor mare owners.

WIN for the acceptor mare’s owner

Everywhere in the world, many mares are no longer able to compete in sports, temporarily or permanently. Their owners often face the difficult choice whether to keep the horse, with its maintenance costs, or get rid of it. Draagmerriecentrale offers a different opportunity allowing your horse to go back to work, this time as a acceptor mare. And receiving an appropriate remuneration, too!

WIN for the donor mare’s owner
Currently in Europe, very few structures allow an embryo from a biological mother to be transplanted into a acceptor mare

Why choose the draagmerriecentrale services?

  • We offer a win win solution for both the acceptor mare and donor mare owners.
  • We make your mare productive again.
  • We make demand and supply meet.
  • We offer competitive prices, even for small breeders.
  • We offer a transparent course.
  • We get breeders in direct contact.
  • Our experts help you with the right advices.
  • It’s a winning bet.